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Let's get to the real cause of your bothersome symptoms and start taking care of them.

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Regarding headaches, migraines, IBS, painful sore muscles and joints, thyroid and hormonal issues - certainly, there are physical reasons for your symptoms, but from a holistic viewpoint, there may also be resolved mental, spiritual, emotional or energetic issues, contributing to your symptoms as well.  If you truly want to heal and get to the bottom of why you've been experiencing your uncomfortable, painful, worrisome health symptoms and address them once and for all - then you're ready to work with us If you've been struggling with chronic headaches, migraines, IBS, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, knee, neck or low back pain, auto-immune issues, irritability, anxiety or depression then a deeper level of healing is needed than that of just treating symptoms.

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Hello, my name is Dr. Colleen Gagliardi.  I am a Naturopathic Physician and acupuncturist. In my practice I believe that the reason chronic health issues exist is because we are not getting to the root of the matter - and addressing your health issues at the deeper levels.  Of course we need to work on the physical components of why you aren't feeling good, and look to see if things such as food sensitivities, nutrient imbalances, stress, etc. are contributing to your symptoms.  Once these issues are addressed - you generally start feeling better However, as the physical contributing factors are addressed, we're still left with the question of what caused your symptoms in the first place? I have found in my years of practice that frequently,  your physical symptoms may be symbolic or metaphors of unresolved mental/spiritual/emotional or energetic imbalances that exist in our lives. 

If these imbalances are not addressed, it's no wonder that you keep on having recurrent symptoms, because the core issues haven't been fully addressed.  In my practice, we work on creating the conditions necessary for you to heal.  Nature is the best healer, and we are all designed to heal if given the right circumstances. 

So, we start by analyzing some basics - "what are you getting that you don't need" (ie food sensitivities, toxic exposures, less than ideal diet, too much stress and overwork- for instance) and "what do you need that you're not getting" (think good nutrition and diet, good quality sleep, relaxation, good relationships, etc.).  As we begin addressing these factors influencing your health, we also work on those deeper levels of healing to help you get to the bottom of what is causing your chronic symptoms so that those symptoms are addressed once and for all

I find that viewing your symptoms as metaphors, ultimately help point us in the right direction of what do you need to know, recognize and perhaps address in your life for you to be fully connected with your inner self, inner healer and move towards inner well-being.  Symptoms are the way that your body is communicating with you -telling you - hey!  pay attention!  Something is wrong here!  So that you can get the message and make the changes you (and most people already know) need to make in your life to heal.

We've all heard these phrases in the past:  "oh, what a pain in the neck she/he is", "you're give me a headache", "I can't stomach that", and so on, and so forth.  Our subconscious mind is very adept at interpreting those phrases so that we end up experiencing the pain in our neck, the headache, the nausea or IBS.  Your subconscious mind is not only capable of interpreting and creating, but also has a hand in alerting you to the exact situations that are giving you the pain in the neck or the heartburn, or digestive issues.  Those symptoms are the messages from you, to you, indicating the underlying issues, feelings, resentments that are needed to come to terms with in order to resolve your symptoms. 

Unfortunately, this knowledge and understanding of the importance of looking within to find and address our symptoms isn't emphasized in today's world - rather, we're indoctrinated that we need too take a pill, or find an answer outside of ourselves to fix what is going on within ourselves- instead of being capable of finding our answers within ourselves.  Part of this is that we gave away part of our power in our culture - the culture which emphasized that doctors know best, that pharmaceuticals are miracle drugs, 

This is in far contrast to the conventional way in which we've all been taught of when you don't feel good, you reach for a pill bottle (even if it is a supplement), instead of digging deeper and finding out what the symptom really represents.  Cultures of old understood this, knowing that symptoms needed to be taken in context of that person's life and relationships and were seen as a result of an imbalance within that person, having to do more with their actions, thoughts and emotions, rather than being just a result of something on the physical level.   

If you are like the many of the people who have experienced relief in working with us:

  • You suffer from headaches/migraines.  They interrupt your life. You never know when they will strike, or more worrisome - what is really causing them in the first place. They literally "take away your breath" when they occur, and you find it hard to function - much less work or take care of your family the way you'd like to.

  • You have tight, tired, sore muscles - especially in your neck and shoulders.  Your joints ache all over.  When you get out of bed in the morning (after not being able to sleep well), you feel like you're a grandmother of 95, instead of your true age. 

  • You frequently find yourself short tempered, irritable and on-edge - and worry that it's starting to impact your relationships with your partner, your kids and your work.  You also find yourself more stressed and anxious than ever - worrying about things that typically wouldn't bother you at all.

  • You do know stress is adding to the way you feel, and you also wonder if you have thyroid or hormonal imbalances that are impacting you. You also think that maybe some of the foods you're eating are contributing to the digestive symptoms you usually have.  But no-one so far has been able to help you pin-point what is causing your inflammation and symptoms so you can finally get it taken care of.

That is where my expertise in working with people with chronic pain and inflammation comes in.  For the past 14 years, (including a few years working in an integrative chronic pain clinic),  I've been helping patients troubled with inflammation symptoms.  Because of my experience and training in both Naturopathic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have extensive knowledge in helping you to identify and treat the underlying causes of your inflammation symptoms. As we work together, you may be very surprised at what is actually causing your underlying inflammation when we uncover it.  And, you may be surprised at how quickly you can start to feel better when we finally begin addressing the actual factors causing your inflammation.  And, even thought you may have been dealing with your uncomfortable, painful symptoms for a long time (and have tried conventional medicine and numerous medications and supplements and quick fix approaches), you may be really surprised that your body starts naturally healing the way it is designed to, when given the right conditions and circumstances for it to start healing. 

Inflammation is not a bad thing, believe it or not.  The pain of inflammation is your body's way of saying - "hey - something's wrong here - pay attention and take care of it!  Inflammation however is a symptom, which is being caused by something - it just doesn't happen by itself. Many of the causes of inflammation can be identified and once identified we can start addressing them using a natural approach. In working with patients who have suffered with chronic inflammation for years, they are frequently very surprised at what the underlying causes of their long term inflammation end up being. Not uncommonly,  I have found that some of the most significant causes of the symptoms of inflammation may be due to negative reactions to the quality and type of some of the foods you may be eating,  underlying hormonal or endocrine imbalances, a history of physical trauma, metabolic imbalances, structural imbalances, food or nutrient imbalances, toxic exposures, over-use and over-work issues, stress, dietary and lifestyle components, and unresolved mind-body-spirit factors.  I find that by finally figuring out and addressing what is causing your inflammation, then we are on the road towards rejuvenating and restoring your health for the long run - not just for a short term improvement in symptoms. Read More

  • Some of the natural approaches utilized in our clinic include:

  • Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, cupping and moxa.  We believe in gentle, effective acupuncture using very thin acupuncture needles. The treatment should be relatively painless, relaxing and enjoyable. 

  • Naturopathic medicine: We help provide you the information that you need to make good choices regarding what is right for you for herbs, diet and food choices, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and supplements.  

  • Functional medicine:  We provide functional medicine testing to identify if some of your symptoms could be caused by food sensitivities, bacteria or yeast in your digestive system or vitamin or mineral deficiencies.  We also provide in-depth functional medicine lab testing to evaluate for hormonal imbalances, thyroid and adrenal deficiencies. 

  • Hypnotherapy: A method to support you for chronic pain issues, insomnia, digestive issues, anxiety, weight management and stress support. 

  • Mind-Body Medicine:  Helping you to work with and identify the connections between your body and mind to optimize your health.