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The first step is to schedule a complimentary 15 minute visit with me (click book an appointment) so I can make sure that I will be a good resource for you.  This visit will not include treatment, but will allow us to make sure that it will be a good fit for both us to work together. 

What I have found works the best, is to work with you develop a step-by-step approach designed specifically for you, to address both the physical aspects as well as the mind-spirit-body-energy aspects of health that are out of balance and contributing to your symptoms. At your first visit, we will discuss the best options to fit your goals for healing.  

Because some people may only be interested in acupuncture or Naturopathic Medicine or Hypnotherapy, I do offer each type of visit separately. I find that most people benefit from our comprehensive “16 weeks To a New You” package (usually 4 months is the time period in which we can see significant improvement). This package, includes a combination of Naturopathic Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and Intuitive coaching visits.

Golden Wisdom Natural Medicine Clinic Fees:

Acupuncture Initial Visit - $125.00 - 1 1/4 hours; Includes health history review and initial acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture follow up visits - 1 hour - individual follow up visit - $95.00, prepaid package of 6 follow-up visits - $ 510 ($85.00 each)

Naturopathic Initial Visit - $230.00 - 1 1/4 hours; Includes comprehensive review of your health history, review/ordering of labs if recommended, dietary evaluation, supplement review, physical exam. An initial treatment plan is started at this visit, with a more comprehensive plan initiated after your lab review at your second Naturopathic visit. (Lab costs, supplement/herb costs are not included in the visit cost).

Naturopathic follow up visit - 60 minutes - $185.00, 45 minutes-$140.00, 30 minutes - $95.00

Hypnotherapy Initial Visit: $ 250.00 - 1 1/2 hours: Includes intake and initial hypnotherapy session. Hypnotherapy sessions can be done in person or via computer (Zoom).

Hypnotherapy follow up visits - $150.00 - 1 hour. Prepaid package of 5 hypnotherapy follow-up visits - $ 600.00. Hypnotherapy sessions are available in person or via computer (Zoom).

“16 Weeks to a New You” Package”: $2400 - Now until 12/31/18 - Special price of $1985- a savings of $415! Includes a comprehensive initial Naturopathic Visit, 3 Naturopathic follow-up visits, 6 acupuncture treatments, 4 hypnotherapy/intuitive coaching sessions and a personalized home visit, which takes the guess-work out of what is the right diet, meal planning, supplements, and the natural approach to healing that is best for you.  On the home visit, Dr. Colleen also discusses healthy home environmental steps that you can take to limit hidden environmental issues that that could be affecting your health. And, she can even do an “energy” assessment to optimizing the feng shui of your house. How fun! This program gets you set up for success, and is an investment in your long term health and wellness.

Clinic Policies

All clients are asked to pay in full at the time of service. If you have insurance coverage, I can provide you with an appropriately coded “super bill”, (the documentation for you to send to your insurance carrier for your reimbursement).  Any fees associated with lab work, supplements or herbs are your responsibility.  Golden Wisdom Natural Medicine Clinic does not assume any liability for payment for any lab costs incurred on your behalf. The goal of my clinic is to help you identify and TREAT THE UNDERLYING CAUSES that are creating your health symptoms so that your health is addressed for the long run. Most patients are willing to pay out of pocket for the services here (even if they have insurance coverage) because they choose to have an effective natural approach and experienced provider, and are more than ready to finally treat the cause - not just treat their symptoms. 
A 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations.  Failure to provide 24 hour notice will result in you being billed ½ the regular rate for the time scheduled.  However, you will not be charged, of course, for an appointment missed due to an emergency. 

I do carry select herbs, supplements and homeopathics in my office. They are the brands that I have found to be the most effective for patients. The brands that I carry in office sell only to physicians, and I am confident in the quality of these products. It is always your choice whether or not you would like to purchase these items from my office, if recommended for you.

I look forward to helping you to be stress free, healthy and have the life you would like to live.