Our Approach


Our Approach:

I have found that the most success in dealing effectively with inflammation and it's accompanying symptoms is with a comprehensive, in-depth approach to fully evaluate what your inflammation triggers are, and then together, we develop a plan to address the inflammation and symptoms.  This approach is designed as part of an all-over wellness plan.  We need to treat all of you - not just the parts of you that are hurting or in discomfort.  Because of the number of factors that can contribute to inflammation, this is the program that I have found helps identify inflammation sources, treat your symptoms and restore you to wellness the most.  

Just as "quick fix" solutions usually don't last.  I find that the most lasting and successful outcomes occur when we take the time, effort, energy and expense to do it right - as an investment in your long term health.  Because it took time for your symptoms to become as bothersome and severe as they are, it will take time to reverse them, also.  This program is for those who are serious about dealing with their inflammation, chronic pain for the long term. Our wellness program is based upon a 12 month individualized program designed to help you actually heal - not just have a 10 minute visit with a physician every so often, along with a prescription or injection, and then you're on your own.  We help you do more to finally address the underlying cause of your symptoms.  Let us help you take the guess work out of what foods/diet is right for you, what supplements or herbs are right for you, and most importantly what can be done to identify and treat the underlying inflammation and chronic pain you're experiencing.

Our program, is unique in that - I spend the time to get to know you to really be able to help you uncover what is contributing to your symptoms.  With our program, you have access to scheduling visits for both Naturopathic medicine and acupuncture at our office, at your convenience.  You'll be able to pick up a phone and call me or text me when you have a quick question.  You'll be able to email me if you need to.  And in return I will provide you with the tools and knowledge for you to not only work on your current health issues, but help you learn what you need to do for long term wellness.  Family plans are available if you'd also like your family to be part of the wellness program.

As you start the program, most people start feeling better within the first 4-6 weeks.  Because the underlying causes of inflammation and chronic pain are numerous, we take a comprehensive step-by-step approach to identify what is contributing to your inflammation,  starting with a comprehensive intake health assessment, and personal biography.   I'll review lab work that has been previously done, and make recommendations for additional labs, if needed.  We'll review your supplements and medications.  I may make recommendations for additional supplements if needed. We'll discuss and start working on the areas of your life that may be adding to your headaches, chronic pain and inflammation  I may recommend a series of acupuncture treatments at our clinic, along with herbal therapies, which I find can usually help speed up your progress. 

And, just like the old time doctors used to do, I come to your house to visit with you a few times - the first visit so we can evaluate and make recommendations if there may be any toxic exposures in your home or work (and there are many that you may not be aware of) that may be affecting your health. We also begin discussing diets and food recommendations for you.  The second home visit is focused on foods and meal planning and preparation specifically for you (and your family if you are the person who prepares the meals).  And, I find that may people are interested in also doing some feng-shui work on your house, too, to help with improving energy flow and balance. 

Also built into the program are shopping trips to your local grocery market, as well to a local health food store, so you'll know where and how to prepare the foods that are good for you to eat.  During the program, classes on natural health topics will also be held at our clinic, for which you and two of your friends will be able to attend as our guest (no charge). 

This year long program, designed and focused to provide you with the tools for long term well-being, we will do our best to get you feeling better as soon as possible.  Maintenance plans are available after your initial year, so that you will be able to continue to benefit from ongoing care.