What’s different About Our Approach, we help you access the underlying issues.

Treating your physical well-being:

A comprehensive plan for your physical well-being may include screening and functional labs to evaluate your health status, which may include screening for chronic infection, anemia, thyroid and adrenal issues, food sensitivities, blood sugar issues, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxicities and nutrient deficiencies, as any of these may add to the severity of the symptoms you're experiencing. We'll also discuss which diet and foods may help you the most, along with meal planning and preparation tips. We’ll also discuss any supplements, and natural therapies including herbs and homeopathy that may be right for you.

  • Stress symptoms at the physical level:

    • Digestive issues - Trying to figure out what is causing our heartburn, diarrhea, gas, constipation, and abdominal pain can make you go crazy. Was it what I ate for breakfast that is giving me gas? What if something is really wrong with me, since I keep having this abdominal pain? Could stress really be causing my diarrhea? Find that you don’t want to (or can’t) leave the house because of

  • Stress symptoms at the mental/emotional level:


  • Symptoms are symbolic messages from your body, and have a purpose to let you know that something is out of balance in your life, so that you can address it. I help you interpret and understand the messages that your body is sending you. 

  • Together, we evaluate the impact of stress and overwork in your life and how they may be affecting your health. We look at how we can simplify and make life easier.

  • We also discuss the areas in your life that may be draining you, energetically, and also which areas of your life are nourishing and fulfilling.  Energy patterns are real.  I may recommend that we do an intuitive energy assessment of how the energy is flowing in your body, and in your home, (energy feng shui) to optimize your well-being.

  • I evaluate areas that may be impacting your health that you may not be aware of;  from environmental and food toxicities to things such as coming home to face a messy house every day and not having the energy to clean it.

  • In addition, what makes my approach effective, is that, although I do see patients in my office, I prefer to do home visits where we can take the time so I can get to know you (yes! A doctor who cares enough to come visit you in your home!). In a home visit, I can better learn about your life and journey, including the foods you typically eat, your lifestyle and habits, relationships, and even help identify hidden environmental toxicities that may be affecting your health. Home visits help me serve you better in working with you to develop a plan that will help you (finally!) to address the symptoms that you have been suffering with. I also believe in using a natural approach to address symptoms - I fully believe that the best medicine is found in nature - healthy food, plants and herbs, water (hydrotherapy), heat, energy work, and the healing found in nature herself.

  • Let me help you to know and understand the underlying causes for your symptoms, learn how to tap into and utilize your own inner wisdom and guidance, natural gifts and talents to help you live your life to the fullest.

What I have found works the best, is a step-by-step approach designed specifically for you, to address both the physical aspects as well as the mind-spirit-body-energy aspects that are out of balance and contributing to your symptoms.   

For instance: 

-- identifying which foods are the best (and worst) for you eat, and evaluating for any nutrient deficiencies or food sensitivities - that may be contributing to headaches, anxiety, exhaustion and eczema.  Mind/body/spirit connection question - "who is giving you a headache and causing problems for you in your life?".  Once understood, we can look for some Naturopathic solutions to help you resolve the situation without having the headache!

 -- unidentified hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue or hormonal imbalances - that may be causing part of your fatigue, weight gain, PMS, lack of libido and lack of motivation.  Underlying mind/body/spirit question for lack of motivation "if you were able to pursue your life's ambition - what would it be?"  Frequently lack of motivation can mean that we are not fulfilling our life's purpose or haven't found our true path or passion yet - so let's explore and help you find it!

--identifying and dealing with any  toxic environmental exposures which you may not realize are affecting you, and creating issues with allergies, weight gain, "feeling toxic", and headaches.

--helping you get better sleep, simplify your life, and providing solutions for overwork or stress which may be contributing to fatigue, weight gain, blood sugar issues, high blood pressure and headaches.  Although from a Naturopathic standpoint, elevated blood sugar is usually related to diet choices, on another level, a question could be asked of "is there enough sweetness in your life?".  The answer could indicate that we need to figure out a way for you to get more enjoyment and fun (sweetness) into your life (of course as we make some diet changes, too).

--evaluating for any chronic infections, over-growth of bacteria or Candida in the GI tract that may be creating your digestive issues, muscle pain and fatigue

--helping you to be aware of your own inner wisdom and knowledge, and how begin using your own inner healer to better understand the messages that your body is telling you about imbalances in your life that may be affecting your health or if are any patterns in your life that may be straining, draining or constraining your energy - all that may be impacting fatigue, sleep, stress, anxiety or depression - and ultimately your well-being.  

Our program is designed to look the factors affecting your health - both from a physical level, as well as from a mind - body - soul perspective as we use the best of Naturopathic medicine and Chinese Medicine to help rejuvinate you to a sense well-being that you may not have felt for a long time.  Isn't it time to transform your life into being pain free and have your life be the way you know it could be?




We have different treatment packages, based upon your budget:

Individual visits for Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture are available. Prepaid acupuncture packages are also available

Most people receive the best results with a comprehensive approach and wellness plan:

Rejuvination wellness plan: 8 weeks: This is for you, if you have a relatively healthy life, with some minor symptoms and would like a “tune-up” to get you back on track. Excellent for someone who is interested in a detox, or would like to work on their overall well-being.

Transformative wellness plan: 16 week comprehensive plan