Mind/body/medicine includes examining some of the deeper questions in life you might.  Are you happy?  Do you feel fulfilled in your life?  And if not, let's work together to help you find the answers so you can move forward.  Also, understand that when symptoms arise, sometimes it is a message from your body that something needs your attention...that something is out of balance. I find that when we look at the symbolism of your symptoms, and seek the answers to "why is this symptom occurring now, and why this particular symptom?" I can offer invaluable insight and an opportunity for deeper healing for you.  



Chinese medicine has been used successfully for at least 3000 years. We use a gentle style of acupuncture that is usually pain-free, yet still effective.  Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be extremely effective for pain, anxiety, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and fatigue, in particular.  Many people are afraid of pain associated with needles. The style of acupuncture that is practiced in our clinic is relatively pain-free.  I tell patients that they should feel no more than a "snick" (if even that) when the needle is inserted.  I feel that acupuncture should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience to help restore balance and function to the body, mind and spirit. 

When you receive acupuncture at our clinic, you will stay fully clothed (except for your shoes and socks - and it helps if you wear loose clothing so we can access up to your arms and knees).  You will be laying on your back (usually) or your stomach on our heated acupuncture table.  Dr. Colleen will feel your pulses at your wrist, and look at the shape and color of your tongue.  She will then insert single-use, thin needles (usually between 10-20) in specific points, usually located on your lower arms, hands and lower legs, ankles and feet.  Again, most people will not even feel the needle insertion.  At most it will be a "snick" that quickly resolves.  

 If acupuncture is recommended, Dr. Colleen recommends that 3-4 initial acupuncture visits take place within a 2 week time period to see how quickly your body responds to acupuncture.  For some acute pain issues, only 1-2 visits may be needed. If you have been dealing with chronic or complex health issues however, it may a series of treatments to get some symptom improvement. The goal is to extend the symptom relief that you are experiencing between treatments. When there are chronic health issues, and Dr. Colleen assesses that acupuncture may be beneficial for you, acupuncture appointments are ideally scheduled for you for twice weekly for 1-2 months, then weekly for 1-2 months, then every other week. 

Acupuncture can be very effective in treating many different conditions, including pain, headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalances, to name a few.


About Naturopathic and Functional Medicine

Naturopathic medicine combines traditional, natural therapies with current advances in modern medicine.  As a Naturopathic Physician, I believe that the best form of medicine is to determine what is causing your symptoms in the first place, so we can treat the cause - not just treat your symptoms.  Also, we are body/mind/spirit/energy.  Health symptoms can arise when an imbalance exists on any of these levels, so a holistic approach to healing involves all levels which can lead to profound, deep healing opportunities.  Naturopathic Medicine affirms the healing power of nature and that you (as body, mind, spirit) are designed to be healthy. Healthy "happens" when you receive what you need for good health, and avoid those things that aren't good for you. Naturopathic therapies include: herbs, nutrition, diet and food therapy, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, Naturopathic physical medicine and lifestyle recommendations. We incorporate a great deal of teaching and education in our clinic, too. Fun, helpful and interesting group classes may be recommended for you to attend on natural living subjects such as: anti-inflammation diets, elimination diets, healthy food cooking classes and meal planning classes.  We also offer group classes for natural approaches to insomnia, how deal with stress better, making and using herbal teas and home remedies and even tips on improving happiness! Excellent fun!

Functional Medicine includes the latest scientific, evidence based approaches in natural medicine.  Screening conventional lab work may be recommended as well as specific functional medicine labs to help further identify the underlying causes that may be contributing to your symptoms. These tests can be particularly helpful if you are experiencing chronic pain, food sensitivities, fatigue, hormonal or thyroid issues, IBS or anxiety/depression.



Hypnotherapy can best be described as a focused concentration.  Unlike what you see in the movies, if you are hypnotized, you will not quack like a duck or make a fool out of yourself!  Rather, you are fully aware of everything that is going on around you , but you are deeply focused internally.  We all experience hypnosis daily - as when we are watching a movie and we are concentrating so much on the movie that we "forget" it's not real. Or when we're driving somewhere and we "zone out" (aka hypnotized) and we get to our destination without consciously remembering driving there.  So, hypnotism is a natural state.  

In hypnosis, we quiet the left side of our brain (the part of our brain that uses logic, words, reasoning, numbers and you use even reading this page).  This allows us to access the right side of our brain (which holds our creativity, and uses pictures, feelings, intuition and symbols to communicate).  When this happens, we are We are also able to access parts of ourselves that may provide insight and help into how we can tap into our inner wisdom and help with our healing.  It also allows us to create new patterns of beliefs and behavior to help us with pain relief, sleeping, stress and relaxation, weight management and to stop smoking.